Visas and Passes

Any person intending to enter into Uganda should do so only for lawful purposes and in accordance with national immigration laws, guidelines and formalities.
Foreign nationals intending to enter Uganda for purposes of employment should comply with requirements for expatriate employment in Uganda.
1.    All visa prone nationalities must obtain Uganda visas to facilitate their entry into the country.
2.    Uganda visas may be obtained at Uganda missions abroad or on arrival at the ports of entry in the country.
3.    All travellers to the Republic of Uganda MUST have a valid Yellow Fever Immunisation card.
Visa & corresponding fees


Visa fees
Single entry: U$ 50 per individual
Multiple entry visa 6-12 months U$ 100
Multiple entry visa 24 months U$ 150
Multiple entry visa 36 months U$ 200

Students (Entry Visa for students who are not nationals of East African Cooperation.) U$ 100

East African Tourist Visa (Three months Multiple Entry for Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda) U$ 100

Residents of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda travelling to any of the three countries can now enter the alternative Partner State. without paying for visas. Free Nil


1. visas do not permit gainful or voluntary employment in Uganda
2. Entry into or exit from Uganda should be made only through gazetted ports of entry/exit

3. Visa Exemptions
Nationalities that do not pay for Visa while entering Uganda i.e. nationals of countries that do not pay for Uganda visas
COMESA (Angola,Eritrea, Malawi, Madagascar, Seychelles,Swaziland, Zambia, Comoros, Kenya, Mauritius, Zimbabwe)
EAC (Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya,  Burundi)
OTHERS (Antigua, Barbados, Fiji, Grenada, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, The Grenadines, Vanuatu, Cyprus, Bahamas, Belize, Gambia, Jamaica,
Malta, Singapore, St. Vincent-Tonga.

Any other exemption as may be specified on arrival

4. Every intending visitor is required to carry a genuine passport/travel document with validity beyond one year.
5. All arriving visitors will be required to fill in arrival declaration cards on arrival and should comply with other immigration formalities including the provision of required biometric information.        Arrival/ departure declaration cards are available at the arrival lounge.
6. Immigration authorities at the port of arrival reserve the right of admission.
7. A visitor’s pass for a specific duration will be granted by the Immigration authorities on arrival to permit the holder’s stay in the country for the period granted in the pass. .
8. Arriving visitors should not carry or convey substances or goods prohibited by customs. (Contact Uganda Revenue Authority for details on prohibited   substances)
9 Visitors should not overstay their visitors pass otherwise they will be subjected to a fine of U$ 30 per day and other appropriate legal action including prosecution and deportation.
10. Engagement in employment on basis of visitors pass is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be prosecuted.
11. Where visitors seek to stay longer than the period granted in the visitor’s pass on arrival, extension of the period should be sought from the Immigration Headquarters in Kampala or respective regional offices before expiry of the initial visitor’s pass.  Save for EAC nationals, extensions  sought by other foreign nationals shall not exceed six months in aggregate

Requirements for extension of visitor’s pass
Fill extension of visitor’s pass form
Attach Covering letter from applicant or host if applicable
Attach immigration status of host (if applicable)
Attach Copy of confirmed return air- ticket
Attach Copy of passport/travel document
Provide Original passport for endorsement of facility
All foreign nationals entering and residing in Uganda must comply with immigration legislation and other national laws of the country during their stay in Uganda.

For More Information Visit The Directorate of Citizenand ImmigrationControl, Minstry of Internal Affairs

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